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Latest programmes


‘Sounding the Eiffel Tower’ – exotic music from the East

Chalemie recreate the extraordinary impact of the Javanese gamelan at the Paris exhibition of 1889 (the year of the Eiffel Tower’s construction) in two traditional pieces for which they play a small Javanese gamelan. Their concert also includes arrangements of music inspired by gamelan music by Debussy and theatre music for instruments and voice by Erik Satie, Poulenc, Fauré and Stravinsky.


‘Handel on the Town’ – theatre songs and sonatas for soprano, harpsichord, flute and continuo by Handel, Arne and Purcell. Comic tunes by John Ernest Galliard for hurdy-gurdy and flute, ballads from the Beggar's Opera and cantatas for flute and voice by Pepusch.


‘A Pastoral Dance for Christmas’

A special celebration of Christmas with music by Corrette, Bach and Handel, noels by De la Lande, pantomime music, traditional Spanish Christmas songs and Vivaldi’s Il Pastor Fido for flute and hurdy gurdy.

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